Performance Wellness  Artist & Crew Support

Wie wäre es, wenn es für dich vor- während und nach  dem Auftritt und Tour (noch) ein Stück leichter wäre?

Ich freue mich Dich Artist und die SotF-Familie auch dieses Jahr Backstage unterstützen zu dürfen.

Wobei und wie wir Künstler:innen behilflich sind, erfährst du hier.

There is nothing more beautiful, when an artist feels free and connected with hisself, his music and the audience

Performance Wellness helps to enjoy the public stage from music to television and supports with mental and bodily challenges which occur a long the way.

Before the stage

finding optimal tension, focus, optimal performance strategy and mindset, dealing with unforseen difficulties and surroundings, no overthinking, dealing with doubts, warm-up and focus routines etc.

On stage

being present with mind and body, shutting down distracting thoughts, being in the zone, enjoying the difficult parts and mistakes, band and orchestra dynamic, staying relaxed with mistakes etc.

After the stage

preserving your voice and energy, better sleep on tour, less tension and bad judgement, relaxing and regeneration, travel stress, fear of flighing etc.

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